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The man dies but his words stay immortal.

A walk through the writing process of a bestselling author

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When it comes to the number of uncompleted book drafts, I may break a world record.

I’ve been charmed by the idea of writing a book since I was a kid. The dream of holding a book with my name typed on the front cover was my motivation every day. I believed I had everything it took to write a novel, and I was determined to do it.

The first thing I started with when I set out to write a novel was a title, an amazing one, and to be fair to myself I was good at that! …

Protect the process and the results will take care of themselves

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Writing a novel seems to be a hard thing to do. But it is not that hard if you understand what it really takes.

The hardest obstacle you will face when you write a novel is the long period of time it takes. And unless you have the same abilities George Semieone has — who was able to finish a complete novel in 11 days — you will spend the next year or even the next three years writing your novel.

To overcome this obstacle, you need to understand a simple thing:

Maybe your job is not to write a…

How to get immunity to the writer’s block

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If you’ve been hanging here for a while, then you will know that approximately one published Medium story out of three talks about writing. Among these published stories, there are many where writer’s block is either the main subject or part of the overall subject.

When we write about writer’s block this much and find a lot of readers who clap for what we write, there is a clear reflection as to how writer’s block became a big part of writer’s culture and concerns.

And while we’re having our conversations about whether writer’s block is overrated or not, and whether…

Learn Dan Brown’s three Cs to master the elements of writing

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When I was a kid, I went to the library and found a book titled Loosening of Da Vinci Code.

When the cashier saw the book he asked, “Have you read the Da Vinci code?”

I thought he was asking if I knew who Da Vinci was so I told him, “I know that he is an artist and innovator.”

He asked me to follow him and picked a book from the shelf. He told me to read it first then come back to buy the other one.

The book he gave me was the bestselling novel The Da Vinci…

The story behind one of the greatest poems in Arab history

The story of Antarah ibn Shaddad, the Arabian Knight, and Ablah, his cousin and sweetheart, is a timeless love story of the Arab culture.

Antarah ibn Shaddad poem

Translated from arabic by: Ibrahim Al Mumayyiz

This poem is one of the seven poems called ‘Moalaqa’ in Arabic, which means poems that you will always remember. The seven poems are considered as the greatest poems in Arabic history, and they are well known among the Arab people throughout time.

This poem consists of 79 verses. The 16 verses below are taken from different sections of the poem.

The poem :

Have poets left aught that had not before been told?

Do you…

Saleh Alzahrani

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